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Nashville's New Country salutes our first Nashville's New Country Star. Matthew Huff, featuring Darrin Johnson, who took the honors of first place in our Nashville's New Country Star Contest on Friday, July 30, at the Fiddle & Steel Guitar Bar in the famous Printer's Alley in downtown Nashville. Look for the upcoming single "Simple Things," plus video from other top finalists in the contest coming soon!


Growing up a small town country boy on a thousand acres of family land where dirt roads twined and mingled their way through the hills of north Arkansas didn’t give Matthew Huff many opportunities to shake hands with country music stars or even semi stars for that matter. There was really no live music scene to whet the appetite but there was the radio and of course there was church. But it did give Matthew a wealth of real life knowledge, background and experiences to draw from when he realized God had put the talent within him to put words together that would paint pictures in song.

Matthew believes that becoming a country music artist is obtainable, and he is very optimistic, for there is no doubt that being an artist is his passion. Matt also knows that to become a better artist is a journey as his songwriting and performance opportunities continue to grow. Small but significant steps have been taken and the dream is more now than just a future hope, it is a consuming passion to become successful at playing and writing music that connects to people and brings hope and joy into their lives. Matthew believes God has been the one to bless him with what he has and that blessing deserves obedience so Matthew Huff is taking that step of faith today.